You may start out as a “stranger”, but we expect you won’t end up that way as your adventure on VeritasDating.love proceeds. Remember – our entire premise here is based upon TRUTH-TELLING; it’s up to you to follow through on that. We truly hope you will.

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COMMON SENSE should tell you that we are giving away the FREE MONTHS in order to acquire real, live human beings on this brand new dating site. Common sense and patience. . .!

Your adventure begins. . .now!

You might like to know… EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE, INCLUDING PAYPAL, IS SECURE (SSL), so you can stop worrying. See the little “s” in the URL (https)? That stands for “secured”. Who knew? Now we all do! And that’s the TRUTH! Also…that line next to the captcha button about us sending you a password is WRONG. We’re trying to remove that line, because you will create your own password within the registration form. We will NOT be sending one to you.



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