We believe that there is no good reason on earth to pretend to be taller, thinner, smarter, younger, older,  richer, better looking, or any other adjective that ends in “-er”,  in an attempt to, shall we say, enhance your personal attributes. We also can’t think of any reason to lie about your marital status, or how you feel about pets, or if you’ll eat snails, french or otherwise.  Lies – even the ones you think are insignificant – invariably lead to big trouble!   Is that how you would choose to begin a potential love relationship?

We didn’t think so.

VERITAS understands how tough it can be to find the right person – the one who gets you and accepts you “as is”, (or almost as-is!) because of all the wonderful truths that you are wise enough to share right off the bat.

 We know we can’t force you to be up front and truthful, but we will give you every opportunity to do so. Imagine how confident and relaxed you’ll feel on your first date, knowing that you pitched the real you.  When your date meets you for the first time and you stand to greet her, she won’t be expecting a 6’1” Adonis if you truthfully said you are 5’10” and a bit out of shape. She, on the other hand, will not have presented herself as 35 years old, 5’3” and a linguist, if she’s really 45, 5′ and knows how to order lunch from a taco stand.

Think we’re exaggerating? Hardly. People looking for love lie through their dentures – er, um, teeth – and that is common knowledge in the dating world. What they hope to accomplish is beyond us, but hey! maybe that’s just one of the many downsides of human nature.

VERITAS wants to offer a viable alternative to those foolish, time-wasting lies. Are you confident enough, or at least brave enough to give it a shot?  Good!



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