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Embracing Elopement

This might come as a mild surprise to some of you, but not everyone who falls in love wants to have a big, expensive wedding.  Perhaps it isn’t fear of committing yourself to the idea of marriage per se; it may actually be fear of spending a small fortune on a single day for “stuff” that may not mean anything to either of you, adding to the fear of doing it in front of a huge number of people you and your future spouse barely know. 

Yet, your wedding day is without doubt one of the most important days of your life, but it should be about you, not the florists, caterers, valets, couturiers, dance teachers, etc., that you need to hire and manage in order to accomplish lots of things you cannot handle yourself.

Recognizing the rise in elopements recently, we asked PAM JEANNE (of Pam Jeanne Photography, located in Southern California, although she is willing to travel!) to help enlighten us. Pam specializes in creating and capturing meaningful experiences for couples who want more out of their wedding day than just a huge party. She is happy to share some thoughts with our members:

“In my experience, elopements are a special, intimate and incredibly powerful way to get married. Unlike traditional weddings where the event itself becomes the main focus of the day, elopements strip away all the unimportant details that a traditional wedding might have, and shifts the focus back onto you twothe couple.

“The tiny, intimate nature of elopements provides huge potential for meaningful experiences that you actually enjoy: For example, having a private chef make you a special meal in the intimacy of your own home; enjoying a picnic on the beach with your closest family and friends; or going on a wild adventure when it’s just the two of you and your dogs.  Elopements prioritize experiences that give you the opportunity to truly make the day your own.”

Prioritizing experiences above all else, Pam strives to help couples design a day that truly celebrates them, and that brings out the true essence of what it means to get married. Visit her beautiful website for an eye-opening view about her approach to elopements and check out more of her gorgeous work! JEANNE PHOTOGRAPHY
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