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Lately, the entire world seems to acknowledge that motor vehicles  – their manufacture, their use, the roads on which they travel, the exhaust they spew into the atmosphere, the cost of petrol, etc. – are bad for us in many ways. 

          What about the stress caused by trying to reach someone for a romantic rendezvous who lives, oh, let’s say a mere 20 miles away?  Depending on where you each live, 20 miles can take half an hour, or half a day.  Are you in a major metropolitan city (Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, New Dehli, etc.), but the new person entering your life lives in a rural area, with narrow dirt roads part of the way? 

          Freeways vs gravel.  There might not be much of a difference in travel time:  Freeways can be so congested, they’re frequently just as bad for a short distance as rural, or suburban streets are for a longer one.

          We’re bringing this up to suggest that you take distance and travel time into consideration when trying to chose people to meet here, on a dating site.  Perhaps only one of you actually owns a car.  Uh-oh.  That means only one of you will be doing the majority of the driving.  How long will that go on?

          Then there are the so-called adventurous types who want to fall in love with…a foreign country.  Not the person living in the foreign country; the country itself!   While we certainly understand the call of the wild, we must point out how difficult that might ultimately wind up being.  Especially nowadays, with the ridiculous travel restrictions everywhere.

          Most members of any dating site let everyone else know approximately where they live.  Why deliberately chose someone who is (using the very old phrase) geographically undesirable?  Why not think about that early on, instead of waiting until you’ve already fallen in love?  There are millions of wonderful people on dating sites. If you’re the one searching and finding, can’t you take some control of where you’re willing to go before it’s too late?  No one is forcing either of you to make the wrong decision, right?  (Keep in mind, we are only referring to people you meet on a dating site, not other ways, where it might be “love at first sight”, distance be damned.)

          Think about it, please.  It’s just common sense.

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