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Far too many regular humans are really poor listeners.  There!  We’ve said it!  But wait.  There’s more!

Trying to conduct a good conversation with these people often revolves around trying to get their attention in the first place!  For example:

  1. THE EYES HAVE IT.  A good listener focuses (no pun intended) on the other person’s eyes.  A bad listener’s eyes dart away, maybe looking over the head or shoulder of the other person in order to focus on what is going on around them, somewhere else in the “background”.  As if to say, “You bore me.  I’m looking for someone, or something who seems more interesting.Oooh…maybe that one, over there…?”
  2. A bad listener is only waiting for a chance to break into the speaker’s ummm…speech, in order to sound off about something, or change the subject altogether.
  3. A good listener follows what the other person is saying, waits for them to take a break, not just a breath (!) and then either comments on what was just said, or at least says something along the lines of “Excuse me for changing the subject, but…”
  4. A bad listener is just waiting for the chance to be the STAR of the conversation and really couldn’t care less about the other person.

Are you getting the picture?  A GOOD LISTENER pays attention, LISTENS, asks questions about what he was just told, if appropriate, LISTENS some more and makes the other person in the conversation feel appreciated.

A GOOD LISTENER MAKES EVERYONE ELSE WANT TO TALK TO THEM AGAIN.  They don’t have to be brilliant, or highly educated, but they do have to be interested in what you have to say.

Ask yourself… which type are you?  Which type do you want to be…? Which type do you want to be with…?

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