Think, before you write…

VERITAS.  What does it mean…to you?

We are convinced that the TRUTH is a powerful tool that you can utilize right here, right now, as you begin thinking about what it is you want future romantic possibilities to learn about you!

When you fill out your profile, forget the cliches (I like long walks on the beach – Paris in the springtime – and kung pao shrimp…) and share some interesting truths about yourself.  Your thoughts.  Your feelings.  Your desires.  The things that are important to you.

Then give some thought to what you’re hoping to find in a potential – hmmm, what shall we call them? – lover.

Keep it real – meaning truthful – but don’t give everything away, either.  A little bit of mystery can go a long way toward peaking someone’s interest.  Also, bear in mind that monosyllabic remarks and answers to emailed communiques are a bore and can take all the fun out of this.

A word of caution:  If, in your everyday life, you are something of a smart-ass, remember that your friends and families already know you and how to interpret your (to them) funny comments.  They know how your facial expressions and body language add to your brand of  joking around.  BUT total strangers may not be so lucky, unless you ease into the teasing, or perhaps “announce” your particular type of humor, which they might otherwise think is just plain mean, or stupid, or who knows what.  Put yourself into a stranger’s shoes and try to look at your own writing from someone else’s point of view.  Best advice:  Save some of your offbeat humor for your phone conversations and face-to-faces.

We also suggest that you revisit your profile every so often and make sure it really is a true reflection of the message you want to give others.  You are, after all, allowed to change your mind…even about yourself!

Finally, make sure you proof read everything.  Not everyone is a great writer, nor are you expected to be one on a dating site, but you can at least make sure your sentences contain all the necessary words (!) and that there aren’t any spelling mistakes.  Oh, and those run-on sentences that contain no punctuation?  Fuggedaboutit.  Unless, that is, you want to appear like you’re just coming off a bender – or are still in the middle of one, with nothing better to do than pound away at your computer, alone and miserable on a Saturday night.  You think I’m kidding?  I wish I were, but I’ve seen one too many examples of exactly that kind of off-putting nonsense on dating sites.  Please don’t do that.

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