Before we get into the general details, please know that we are very happy to welcome you to Veritas.Dating.love, and to thank you for joining us, we hope you will take advantage of our

Introductory Offer for NEW MEMBERS ONLY

It is no secret that this is a brand new dating site and the TRUTH is, we need to populate it with real, live singles, just like you!  If you agree with our philosophy – you know, about the TRUTH! – you can help by spreading the word.  After all,  when it comes to finding interesting possibilities for your next lover or close friend, the more to choose from, the better…right?
Here’s our offer:  ALL new members will receive one month’s membership FREE!   New registrants will be given the FIRST MONTH FOR FREE! GRATIS!  ON THE HOUSE! In order for this to work efficiently, no matter which date you pay for your subscription, Veritas will not charge you until 30 days later, giving you a full month to test the waters, while keeping in mind how new we are, of course. Join us now and enjoy the ride…
We will automatically charge your PayPal account for each upcoming cycle, until if and when you request, in writing, that we cancel your membership, or switch you to a different plan.  

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Please take a look at the following plans, think them over, and decide which one best suits you.   Then take advantage of our “FIRST MONTH FREE” offer, while it’s still available.  The rest is all up to you!

   MONTH-TO-MONTH PLAN – $18 – No time constraints, but no discounts, either.  This plan will continue on a monthly basis until you ask us to cancel it, or switch to one of the other plans.. Subscribe Here >>

♥♥  GIVE LOVE A CHANCE PLAN – 4 MONTHS FOR $65* – Includes a 10% (ten percent) discount. Here >>

♥♥♥ 6 MONTHS  SMART PLAN – $97 * – With a 15% (fifteen percent) discount –  This is for those of you who understand that finding an enduring LOVE requires patience, perseverance and time. Subscribe Here >>

* Each full  plan will be charged in advance and will automatically renew at the beginning of each new cycle.

In case you’re wondering why we only accept payments via PayPal:  Not everyone  knows that you can link any of your bank accounts, or credit/debit cards to PayPal, and from there choose which one you want to use for any given purchase, and that’s a great advantage to having a PayPal account.  For example, you sign up for PayPal, but instead of using your PayPal balance (if you have one), you can use your checking or savings account, or your credit/debit card.  It’s an easy and doubly safe way to utilize PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE:  While you will be able to cancel your membership at any time, we will not refund any money once a new month has been charged.  So, think ahead and act accordingly, please.  Be sure to inform us of changes to your Veritas Dating account in writing.  (If you cancel this membership, but re-join us at a later date, you will be considered a returning member, ineligible for the new member’s free month offer above.)

Have you chosen your plan?  Great! Click here to complete registration.. .

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