We suspect that many people hesitate – or downright refuse – to divulge their phone numbers, email addresses, social media monikers, etc., to complete strangers.  We certainly understand, particularly in today’s often scary world.

As an alternative, here are some ideas for you that cost little or no money:

Create a brand new email account strictly for the dating sites.  Gmail and Hotmail are two very popular and free email servers where you can instantly create a new email address for yourself.  That way, you won’t be clogging up your regular email AND you’ll be able to see any new dating communiques easily.

Do you know that for less than $20 per month you can install a separate phone line on your existing smart phone, laptop or tablet?  One with all the features you need – voice mail, text messaging, etc.  The company is TOKTUMI (say it out loud!) and the product is called “LINE 2“.  We’ve been using it for years and swear by it!  GoDaddy offers the same thing and you do not have to be a GoDaddy customer.

Each of those ideas relieves you of the problem of giving out your private contact info, yet makes you accessible to your potential dating partners.

Think about it.  Aren’t your safety and peace of mind worth a little extra effort at such a reasonable price?


If, after allowing for nerves and possible shyness, you sense that something either isn’t quite right with the other person, or you simply realize there is little or no common ground between you, you are under no obligation whatsoever to move on to the next step, which would be meeting them in person.  Some people simply don’t know how to say “thanks, but no thanks” without hurting someone’s feelings.  Well, if you do hurt their feelings – or they hurt yours – so what?  No one can be all things to all people.  But this is one situation where, if you follow Steps 1 and 2 above, there cannot be any further repercussions for either of you.

Do, please, attempt to let the other person down gently and be kind, if you’re the one ending what had barely begun.  You know the old saying, “Do unto others…”.  Well, do!


While we urge you not to waste a lot of time on anonymous (meaning no voice, no face-to-face) chats and/or emails with someone you think you might be interested in, we also urge you to set a plan for yourself regarding how to actually meet them.

  1. Ladies – we think you should be the ones to determine where to meet in the beginning.  If your date lives fairly nearby (let’s say within about 10 miles), then you should take the time to locate two or three nice public places, where you will feel safe and comfortable meeting a complete stranger.  Coffee shops or small cafes are ideal:  public enough that you can say goodbye inside (don’t let them walk you to your car, unless you parked in a well-lit area, very close to the entry, which you should have done).  It’s probably not such a good idea to meet for drinks, i.e., liquor, on your very first meeting.  The reasons for that should be fairly obvious.
  2. If you decide to go somewhere else following the initial meeting – because you “clicked” enough to want to share a meal – take your own car to the next destination.  Then follow the same safety rules as in #1, above.
  3. Gentlemen – please don’t balk if and when your date suggests any of the above.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be aware of all the disappearances of people – male and female – who went off for a date with a stranger and never returned.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine why safety is a primary goal here – theirs and yours, too!  Set up your own plan of where to meet, as outlined for the ladies above, in case you wind up being the one to make that decision.  After all,  guys get nervous and shy, too.  You can at least be comfortable in the surroundings, right?

Everyone – this may seem a bit retro, but…it would be a good idea to let someone else know that you’re going to have an almost-blind date  with a stranger.  Give them that person’s info, whatever you may have, including their identifying I.D. on this or any dating site.  (Yeah, yeah – we know you probably list yourself elsewhere.  Most people do, after all, until it becomes clear which site actually works for you.  We don’t care where you are, or which site you use, as long as you remain SAFE!)



Our members are all adults, 18 years old or above. That means they (you) are all fully aware of the worldwide warnings regarding potential health hazards. Only YOU are responsible for protecting yourself from infectious diseases and making sure that the people you meet via dating sites (this one or others) are equally protective of themselves and consequently of you. Veritas Dating is an internet-only site. We have no responsibility for vetting our members’ health, physical or mental. So, be smart, be TRUTHFUL and stay safe. By becoming a subscriber to Veritas Dating, you agree to the above terms regarding safety and your own responsibility to guard your own, including problems that might arise in the future, from contacts you made with other subscribers here.

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